The lights flicker with a soft crackle of thunder. It's a rainy night in the suburbs of Vancouver, and the streets go dark yet again. Even though you always have candles in your room you always seem to misplace them. Usually, you would just sit around, play on your phone until the electricity came back. This evening just so happens to be a weekday where an important art project (that you totally did not procrastinate on) is due tomorrow so you must urgently scramble to find enough candles in order to work on your project. 

This is a short autobiographical game done for Robert Yang's Intermediate Game Development class.

Controls are in the game but just in case you forgot to check: 

WASD to move
SPACE to jump 
LEFT CLICK to pick up objects
RIGHT CLICK to drop objects
ESC to see cursor 

Process Log: 

Working on this game really pushed me to be efficient with 3D modeling. I was always frustrated with using Maya, but this project made me discover ways to use Maya and Unity together in order to create something somewhat cohesive. I still have a long way to go in terms of modeling and programming, but I am generally happy with the decisions I made with concept and lighting. I made the game with the intention for the player to play it over and over again, because there are some difficult candles to acquire. There are several bugs with the pick-upable items and the jump doesn't feel smooth as I wanted, but it was extremely nice and nostalgic to make the space of my childhood bedroom in 3D nonetheless. 

Made withUnity
Tags3D, Creepy, Singleplayer


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It's bugged where if you drop it you can just keep picking it up and putting it back on the desk to win immediately

Also It even cuts out on the dialogue if you replay the game too